Fate Beauty offers soy candles, natural skin care, and bath products. Our products are made from the safest and highest quality ingredients: free of parabens, phthalates, and carcinogens (a unique feature for candles)! Everything is handmade by owner, Julie (me!).

My Story

Graduating college during a pandemic made job searching extra difficult. It was a tedious process ending in disappointment. But, I believe everything happens for a reason (fate, perhaps? ;p). In hindsight, I am thankful because this gave me the opportunity to create Fate Beauty!

To satisfy my entrepreneurial drive (and slight candle addiction), I began creating candles in my kitchen to sell to friends and family. They were a hit! I knew I was onto something.

As FB grew, I realized this could become a full time job. I poured myself into my products, website design, and silly Tiktok videos. This all seemed to pay off when one of my videos went viral in October of 2020. It is now at 1.1 million views! And the rest is history... 

Now, I work on my business during the day and continue my education at night. I am studying business and personal care science to bring you the best products available!