• My order arrived broken. Now what?
    • Please send an email to shopfatebeauty@gmail.com including your name, order number, and photographs of the shipment. 
  • My order says it was shipped, but the status is "label created".
    • Once we receive your order, a shipping label will be created. This allows our team to begin handcrafting your order. During extended handling times, your package status may stay in "label created" for up to 10 business days. Packages ship out every other business day, including Saturdays. Occasionally, tracking numbers will not update properly. Please allow up to 48 hours from shipment pickup for the package to begin tracking. If you have any further questions pleas contact our customer service team.
  • My order says delivered, but I haven’t received anything.
      • Sometimes tracking updates are not accurate. Please wait 3 days before contacting us at shopfatebeauty@gmail.com.
    • Why is shipping so expensive?
        • $8-10 shipping in the US is typical for priority mail. This is an expedited shipping service which will bring your order to you in just a few days! Please keep in mind that we use calculated rates from USPS and UPS based on the package weight and distance. We do not make any profit from this charge. 
        • International shipping can be very expensive and I am grateful for all of my international customers who chose to pay this fee. Please keep in mind that we use calculated rates from USPS and UPS based on the package weight and distance. We do not make any profit from this charge. 


        • Do you sell wholesale?
          • Yes! If you are interested in wholesale, please find more information here. 
        • Do you offer favors for special events?
          • Yes! In the past, we have created custom favors for weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, and birthdays. Please fill out this form or send an email to shopfatebeauty@gmail.com with information about your event.
        • Who makes your products?
          • All of our products are hand made by owner Julie, or handmade by other small businesses and purchased wholesale. 
        • I have eczema. Which products are best for me? 
          • Our “Naked” Collection is fragrance free and formulated for the most sensitive of skins. Our Naked Soap Bar is the most popular among customers with eczema. Everyone’s skin is different, so always perform a patch test before use!
        • What is your soap made out of?
          • Please check each product listing for any formula updates. We currently use a mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, Soybean oil, canola oil, hemp oil, organic shea butter, and water. 
          • Are your products vegan?
            • Yes! All of our products are 100% vegan and do not contain any animal products or by-products. 
          • Are your products gluten free?
            • Yes, our products are gluten-free. Some products are made with Oats and contain a gluten allergy disclaimer in each product listing. 
          • Are your products edible?
            • No! Please do not eat anything in your order! 


          • You claim that your products are non-toxic. What toxins are we avoiding?
            • Typically, candles are created with petroleum by-products and harmful fragrances. These ingredients can create toxic fumes in your home containing carcinogenic molecules, parabens, mutagen, endocrine disrupting chemicals, phthalates, and more. Fate Beauty’s products are FREE of all toxins listed above. 
          • What are the symptoms of using a toxic candle?
            • Burning paraffin wax & low quality fragrance can create some unpleasant symptoms like headaches, sneezing, difficulty breathing, dizziness, and potential long term effects.
          • What makes your candles all natural & non-toxic?
            • We use 100% soy wax, unbleached cotton wicks, and the safest scents on the market.
          • What type of scents do you use?
            • Eco-Scents are the safest scents on the market. They are plant-based oils that have been safely altered to remove any harmful, or potentially harmful, compounds (see question below). They are lab-certified non-toxic and NEVER contain EDCs, VOCs, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxics, or acute toxins. This means they will not only burn soot-free, but you will feel the difference in the air. 
          • Why don’t you use pure essential oils for your candles? 
            • Essential oils are great for many purposes, but not for candles because of their low flash point. When in contact with fire (like in a candle), the essential oil burns and releases toxic fumes. This is why we have opted to use Eco-Scents! Eco-scents are plant-based compounds that have been safely altered to remove any carcinogenic molecules, parabens, phthalates, endocrine disrupting chemicals, and many other toxins. Although some of these toxins are naturally occurring, they are still dangerous! 


          • Are your candles safe for pets?
            • All of our products have been lab-verified as safe for pets, babies, and humans of all ages! 

              Please keep in mind that, just like humans, pets have scent preferences. They also have much stronger olfactory receptors than humans. So, even though your pet may not like certain scents, we can assure you that your furry friends are completely safe with our products!

          • How can I tell if candles from other companies are safe?
            • Unfortunately, due to the proprietary nature of fragrance, it is impossible to know if a candle is safe & non-toxic unless the company provides a safety data sheet (SDS) for their product.  A safety data sheet is an official laboratory document summarizing the hazards and safety of a product. 
            • How do I care for my candle?
              • To make the most out of your Fate candle, make sure to always trim the wick to ¼ inch before use! Always extinguish with a candle snuffer or by blowing out the flame and leaving the lid OFF until it cools. 


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              • Where can we find you on social media?
                • Watch the behind the scenes and join over 30k candle lovers on my TikTok page HERE. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram HERE to be the first to know about new products! We are also newly on YouTube HERE posting behind the scenes content.
              • How does my purchase help your business?
                • 100% of the profits are reinvested into the company. By purchasing high quality ingredients and equipment, I can restock more often and bring more products to you at a lower price. Other expenses are for trade shows, where I sell my products in person to meet new customers and form business relationships. 
              • How did you learn to make candles?
                • I am completely self taught! After making my first candle, I enrolled in graduate school for cosmetic chemistry. Between my formal education and my experience at Fate Beauty, I am always learning more everyday!
              • How do you get started?

              FOUNDED 2020

              When I found out about all the toxins I was bringing into my home, I had quickly disposed of every unnatural product I was using daily. I easily found DIY recipes or safe replacements for most of the products, but I could not find a safe candle alternative. The internet's solution: “Just don't burn candles”. I am a candle addict (*shocker*), so this was NOT the solution for me. I dove deep into researching the fragrance industry, and what I found was disturbing. There was no way to find safe candles when companies would rather greenwash their customers than simply be honest. This was just another instance of “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself”. Fine. I was not a candle maker, but I never doubt myself. I finally found one manufacturer who had the same ethical standards as I did, and created scents that are safe for humans, animals, and babies. This limits me a lot, since I can’t always offer the variety I’d like, but safety is not something I will compromise on. 

              I tried my hand at candle making and fell in love! I made a few (terrible) TikTok videos and one BLEW UP overnight! It reached over a million views and resulted in 600 orders OVERNIGHT! I cannot thank them enough, the kind souls who decided to support my small business that day and propel my dream into reality. It is almost a year later that I am writing this and I cannot believe how much this business has grown and I cannot wait to see what it becomes in the future. THANK YOU!!!

              How can I start a business like yours?